About Bob Golden Photographer

About Bob Golden PhotographerBernard ‘Bob’ Golden is an Irish photographer who specializes mainly in landscape and wildlife photography in Ireland and South America – although he also turns his able hands to portraits, commercial and food photography. He also very much enjoys environmental portraits and creating photographic documentaries mostly relating to culture, travel and the natural world. Bob grew up in Ireland with a love for the outdoors, exploring the hills of Wicklow mostly, on bike, on foot, in rain and shine for the last 30 years. A love of nature and adventure has brought him to some incredible places in the world most notably the jungles, rivers, mountains, and coasts of Central and South America. His appreciation for the beauty and sometimes harshness of nature is what he aims to capture it in his photography.


Bob’s Published Work

Bob’s work has appeared on Irish TV; in various magazines including the renowned Forbes; in newspapers such as The Guardian (UK), The Sun (UK), The Telegraph (UK), The Irish Times; and on many commercial websites around the world.

  • You can see his stock shots on Stock photography by Bernard Golden at Alamy.com.
  • An example of where Bob’s shots have been used commercially can be found on the website for the Granja Porcon tourism centre in Cajamarca, Peru.
  • Bob’s wildlife shots have appeared in magazines (“Wildlife Photographic” Nov 2014- available on iTunes) and on Irish national television.
  • Experienced in shooting sports and action photo content for promotional material and websites, see Bob’s shots on the website for DLTC English Language School
  • Bob has a collection of personal favourites on Bob Golden Flickr
  • With a skill for writing too, Bob particularly enjoys finding and presenting photo documentaries of life in remote places.

Bob’s Equipment

Bob uses Nikon bodies and prefers crop-sensors for the extra distance they provide when shooting wildlife. He uses Nikon, Tamron and Sigma lenses and enjoys the advantages each brand offers. Most of Bob’s workflow and editing is done through Adobe Lightroom CC with occasional editing done with Photoshop.